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Dipped Palo Santo - Rose + Jasmine - Case of 6

Suggested Retail $9.95 each

Tiny Palo Santo dipped in 100% soy wax and rolled in Jasmine and Rose petals. A pack contains 3 sticks, each measuring approximately 2 inches. Our Palo Santo is sustainably and ethically sourced from Peru.

Burn to instill love, beauty, and blessings.

** Bowl + crystals not included**

Palo Santo, Holy Wood, has been used for centuries by the Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. Palo Santo works much like sage, however it has a natural woody scent which can be more agreeable and less overwhelming.

Simply ignite one end of the stick and then extinguish flame. Fan the lit side of the Palo Santo and slowly walk through the area that needs cleansing, giving good thoughts to the Universe and rejecting the negative energies in the space.