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Water Buds - Blown Glass Plant Self Watering Globes


Suggested retail $35

Keep your green friends happy and hydrated! From the moment your new plant waterer pokes its way into the soil, it’ll gradually release just the right amount of water to keep those leaves growing big and strong. Fill it once, keep it going for up to 2 weeks, and enjoy your time away without a worry in the world. What could be better?

-Available in Yellow or Blue 

-Contains 2 water buds

  • Hand Blown Glass
  • 12"x 3"
  • A stylish addition to any plant pot or plant bed that needs a little extra TLC
  • Perfect for keeping any type of plant or flower watered when you’re on vacation
  • Fill, fit and walk away — that’s all there is to it when you treat your plants the right way
  • Give as a gift to a green-fingered friend, treat yourself, or a little bit of both.