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Assorted Color Party Packs - Case of 2


Suggested Retail $38

Be the hero, bring the party! We've got a color for every occasion.

PERFECT FOR: College acceptance, tailgates, homecoming, graduation, back to school, sporting events & everything in between!

These packs include 10 poppers & 10 clean up aids, for larger celebrations. 

Our poppers contain biodegradable confetti, so if popped outside- the confetti will disintegrate. Just make sure to pick up and dispose of the remaining popper container & lid.

If popped inside, we have included clean-up aids, which are double sided stick sheets to pat up the confetti. A good ole' broom or vacuum is an easy way for indoor cleanup as well!

The kit is 8" x 5.5" x 2"

Designed & packaged in the US. Manufactured in China.

Warning: Adult supervision required. Contains spring-loaded mechanism. Point away from your face & other people. Pop at least 2 feet away from your ears. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Single use item.