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Garden Of God Candle - Case of 6


Suggested retail $45

Forged in the visions of a celestial dream, Garden of God is an herbaceous fragrance as fresh as a sinless soul. Sanctify your space with ample notes of purifying spearmint and hints of basil, black currant bud, ginger and clove. With a kiss of apple to tempt your desires and a vanilla musk base to keep your intentions true. The gates of Eden are now open. Will you enter?

*Free tester on opening orderYou will receive 1 free candle in your case of 6 on your opening order for this fragrance. (you'll receive 6 but only be charged for 5 candles)
Additional testers may be purchased for $10 each.

Top Notes
Spearmint, Black Currant, Apple

Mid Notes
Basil, Ginger, Clove, Jasmine

Base Notes
Vanilla, Musk, Lemon

240G |  8.5OZ

*Approximate burn time- 55 hours.

Each FVITH candle is hand-poured in Los Angeles and is composed of a unique soy wax and custom fragrance blend.