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CBD Aftersun Mask - Case of 6

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Soothe + Reduce Inflammation + Restore


Restore your skin with our dynamic CBD renewal complex. The CBD After Sun Mask revives tired skin, soothes sun damage, reduces inflammation and fights free radical exposure. Bring your skin to life with over 10 powerful antioxidants including chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, and chia seed. Lock in moisture and reduce inflammation with this powerful CBD formula – you’ll be glowing in no time! 


When exposed to UV light or pollution the best way to prevent the damage which results in aging is to treat the skin to a therapy which mitigates the damage creators before they can do their work. Our AFTER SUN mask can provide damage control that is outstanding in greatly reducing the aging contributors.

This mask is loaded with antioxidants which includes vitamin E, stabilized Vitamin C, COQ10, Alpha Lipoic acid, Astaxanthan, Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea and Rooibos Tea Extracts, & Sea Kelp Extract … these will help in neutralizing cell damage before harm occurs. In addition to antioxidants, this mask is also rich in anti-inflammatory actives …

Calendula, Chamomille, Aloe Vera, Chia Seed, and St. John’s Wort Extracts … calm and soothe the skin, reducing inflammation, halting irritation, and helping skin renewal. In addition it is important to provide actives for cellular & collagen renewal …

Creatine, Vitamins B3 & B5, Gotu Kola Extract, Yeast Extract, Beta Glucan, and a unique extract that activates the power of Glutathione -all work together to renew and rejuvenate skin cells and collagen.

When you expose your skin to sunlight or pollution using this powerful mask will mitigate the harmful effects and keep your skin from the effects of extrinsic aging. Use as often as needed.