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Phase 1 Candle

Velvet Vortex Phase I Candle - Case of 12

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The journey to self is a spiral maze
No wrong turns exist, only different ways

Soft Myrrh, Sweetgrass, and grounding Creosote create this healing blend of velvety Musk and precious Ambrette. Recall a warm fire under a canopy of stars and enjoy a moment of self-love. This beautiful blend is your reminder that we’re all looking up at the same sky.

Family: Rustic, Grassy, Dry Wood

Key Notes: Myrrh, Silver Fir, Ambrette, Sweetgrass, and Creosote.

Wax blend: Coconut & Beeswax 

6.7 oz (190g) Burn Time: 45-50 hours

Handcrafted in Joshua Tree, CA