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About Fvith

The founders

Born and raised in Los Angeles, this brother-sister duo has always had a passion for living well and breaking rules.

Their days of missing curfew and covering up for each other may be long gone, but they are teaming up again, this time to push boundaries through sensory expression. Both seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in artisanal fragrance, design, and aesthetics — they have meticulously developed each layer of FVITH to amplify the refined free spirit.

Five is no ordinary number. In ancient philosophies, it was believed a fifth element existed alongside earth, fire, water and air. It filled the spaces between them and encompassed them; it was the balance between light and darkness; it was gravity; it was energy itself. The fifth was everything intangible and unexplainable, the powerful something that both propelled and contained life. In scripture, it’s known as God’s number—the symbol of divine harmony. FVITH conjures this legacy in every good we craft.

Our artisanal fragrance and body care products are sensory experiences that stimulate the mind, body and spirit. At FVITH, we believe living well means living fully, and our senses can unlock the universe.