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About Magma London

The Brand

Magma London was founded in 2017 with the goal of keeping traditional African and Arab Heritage, practices, and techniques alive whilst inspiring the imaginations of our customers along the way.

Magma London creates innovative scented products that celebrate cultural histories and timeless designs.

London-native of East and North African Origins, Creative Director and Founder Kareem Rhouila amassed an impressive experience in musical arts prior to starting Magma London. His background in Music, journalism and photography join a forever-passion of art, design, and humanitarianism to create truly original products that will capture your imagination and inspire your senses.

Kareem’s Journey was both exciting and challenging, enduring the challenges many young Black and Arab men face on a daily basis growing up in the western hemisphere

Determined to make his mark and showcase his creativity, he featured alongside major urban music artists. His real passion however was in his love for the artisanal heritage he grew up around.

Tales of Masai and Arab tribes and the strength they channelled from mother earth would inspire and influence the products created at Magma London.

What are known as Lava rocks (or Basalt stone) was his ingenious idea of marrying the ancient heritage of well-being with the love of fragrance and design. Alas, Magma Rocks was born!

Ethically sourced from Arusha in Tanzania, Magma rocks are the most porous and natural rocks found on earth. Magma London’s in-house curated fragrance blends are inspired by the creative director’s memories and unique artistic palate that beautifully marry the heritage with contemporary trends.

The products are grouped in collections with each having its own unique story and inspiration.

Welcome to the world of Magma London where originality and design is our staple.

We want to share our rich history with the world and demonstrate that with true passion and hard work, we can transcend all barriers…

ASHE! (Thank you in Masai tribal language)

Magma Values

Grounded by our very name, we have created a set of values we firmly adhere to in order to help create a future we want to experience.

Every one of Magma London’s products are Made in London. Hand-poured, hand-blended and hand-crafted. We aim for the highest levels of purity in our products, acknowledging that what we take into our bodies affects us physically and mentally,
and that what we put out into the environment effects our future.

We are meticulous in tracing every component used in our products back to its inception (from the picking of the flower to the collecting of the rock), ensuring there is no maltreatment at any stage of our production line.