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About Mandara

Who we are

We are a Colorado-born team of innovators bringing over 100 years of combined healthcare and technology experience to the CBD market. Our mission is to bring education and guidance to the ever growing world of CBD through premium products, world-class service and our team of certified Wellness Coaches.

Wellness is our world

Work is a part of wellness, so our company is focused on fostering a community that’s collaborative, creative, supportive, and light-hearted. Our office is an uplifting place with dogs, easy access to sunshine and nature, and vibrant people who embody wellness at their core. If you guessed that we’re in Boulder, CO, you’re right.

What's in my bottle?

Making sense of serving sizes in the CBD industry isn’t always easy. At Mandara, we place huge importance on education and strive to maintain the utmost transparency with you. That’s why we’ve created an easy visual tool to help you understand our labeling.

A one ounce,1000 milligram bottle (like our Mandara Calm Oils) provides 33 mg CBD per dropper. Other brands sell a variety of milligrams CBD per bottle, therefore altering the amount of CBD per dropper.

Reading labels shouldn’t be confusing or frustrating. But unfortunately there is a lack of consistency in the CBD industry. Some brands advertise CBD per bottle, and some per dropper or serving. We hope to empower customers with clear information so that they can make informed purchasing decisions, and know exactly what they’re getting in each product.

We’ve developed this simple chart to help you make sense of what’s in your bottle:

Feel your best. Every single day.

It sounds ambitious, and we are.

We believe in the power of plants. And we think that products centered around meaningful innovation, ultra-premium quality, and expert coaching will be what empowers and inspires the world to feel well. That’s why we never cut corners. We approach everything from our products to our customer service with quality, consistency, and care.
Mandara is home to real people who are invested in every product, and are ready to chat about them. When it comes to your health, there’s no limit to what we’ll do to help.