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About Moth & Moon Apothecary

Meet the maker

My name is Kira.

I choose to live my life with the purpose I intend, regardless of what society deems the norm.

I take delight in wit and whimsey because life is meant to be enjoyed.

I see the divine beauty in the natural world all around me, and in turn am inspired to create things of beauty.

My husband and I take great pride in our family. We live in the Cascade Foothills of Oregon on a gorgeous piece of land raising our three amazing children, two cows, two goat, a dog, a cat, a snake and a hamster (and more to come)!

We are here learning to live in an intentional way of self-care - by caring for our physical body, as well as our mental and emotional state.

We are here learning to live in an intentional way of self-love - by allowing ourselves grace and forgiveness, and space to grow and learn.

We are here learning to live in an intentional way of self-sustainability - by producing what we can and not endlessly consuming or desiring what we can’t make or grow.

We are here learning to live in closer harmony with the earth.

Meet Moth & Moon

Moth & Moon is a female owned, small business.

All soaps are small batch & handcrafted, made with sustainably sourced plant based oils & butters.

Scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. Beautifully colored with natural and sustainably sourced colorants.

All our products are paraben, sulfate and animal cruelty free.

Soaps will arrive to you in all compostable/recyclable packaging.

We believe in saying yes to the ritual of self-care & self-love.

Tune in to you.

As we navigate the darkness
we are drawn to the light.

May we reclaim the ritual of self-care
May you cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.