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About Orchid & Pine Studio

The Maker

Hi, I'm Charina. It's nice to meet you.

I’m the creator behind Orchid & Pine Studio, a floral design studio specializing in botanical gifts for life and home. Our principles are rooted in wellness and grounded in nature.

Do you love giving or receiving flowers? Do you find joy in adorning your home with magic created by nature? We do! This is why we chose to leave the urban life and settle our family into our forest abode. It is in this environment, where surrounded by the trees and the vast expanse of the sky I was inspired to rekindle my love for design - I am a fashion designer by training - with my love for natural world.


Grounded in wellness. Rooted in nature.

My business started out with the earth vessel. A gift that I created for a woman who touched my heart with a bouquet of flowers. One small and kind gesture can have a ripple effect that can touch so many lives.

Flowers speak to the heart, they have a unique language that is all their own. They can lighten your spirit and lift the corners of your mouth into a smile. The combination of their light + the radiant qualities of crystals (I fell in love with crystals during the years I spent teaching yoga and practicing reiki) are a divine combination. They make the perfect present for the lovers, healers, and light workers in your life.  

We source our flowers from two local flower farms based in Santa Cruz County. We also grow some of our own on our property in the Santa Cruz mountains.

In 2022 we sowed 120 dwarf strawflowers from seed and successfully nourished them through their life cycle to be part of the mini earth vessel collection.

In 2023, we plan to grow more varieties as a way to honor our love for nature and remain connected to the life cycle of the flowers we work with in our studio. We use only naturally drying methods, no chemicals or preservatives are used during the drying process.