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About Plantillo

Plant + Pillow = Plantillo

Plantillo brings the outdoors in and rejuvenates you. Founded in Berkeley, California in 2012, Plantillo has grown from a fun idea into a small brand. We are proud to produce a quality product, turning nature into home decor one plant at a time.

Our ever-growing collection of photo realistic plant-shaped pillows look incredibly 3-D and make you feel like you're surrounded by nature. They are also wonderful conversation pieces.The shape of the pillows is inspired by the actual plant, transforming it into a "Plantillo" which doesn't need watering and you can even rest your head on it!

The Designer

"I grew up in southern Germany, lived in Italy, the UK and the Netherlands until I finally landed here in Berkeley, California where I live with my husband, two daughters and our corgi-mix "Shorty". I love having wacky ideas and then trying to make them reality. PLANTILLO is inspired by my love for nature and photography.

The idea for PLANTILLO was born on walks in my neighborhood and the Berkeley hills where I constantly find interesting objects on my path. I just can't resist stuffing them in my pocket or taking a photo. My ever growing collection of leaves, bark, pods, flowers, logs inspired me to turn my found treasures into something that becomes a permanent part of my home. It's pretty lovely being surrounded by nature while being inside."

- Sabine Herrmann(designer/owner)