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      About Remedium

Remedium candles were born from a desire to create luxurious scented candles that are naturally derived and eco-friendly.

Our love for nature, beauty, and simplicity has guided us to make a superior product using natural coconut wax, essential oils, and wood wicks. All of our candles are hand made and poured from small batches, and are presented in clear reusable glass jars. Remedium candles embody a clean and simple aesthetic to suit any décor or personality "

"I started making candles six years ago as a creative outlet, however, Remedium was not created until my daughter was born very prematurely...

Her long stay in the hospital made me increasingly aware of all of the harmful chemicals I was using in my home, which led me to find more natural alternatives. I found it relatively easy to find safer products for almost everything I was using except for the candles I was burning.

I began investigating alternative ingredients for the candles I was making and after months of testing and trying different materials Remedium was born."
- Sophie Offit, Remedium Founder/Maker

Our Natural Ingredients

Coconut Wax – Our wax is obtained from a sustainable crop that is eco-friendly to harvest and is not associated with any
deforestation. It is produced from cold-pressed coconut meat leaving it free from all toxins and completely natural, resulting in a
wax that burns cleaner than others on the market. Additionally, coconut wax burns cooler making your candle last longer.

Wood Wicks – All of our wicks are manufactured in the USA and are naturally processed and sourced from sustainable forests.
Besides looking unique, they provide a soft crackling sound when burning to create an alluringly warm ambience. Unlike cotton
wicks, wooden wicks emit no harmful toxins, have little to no carbon build-up, debris, or sooting.

Fragrance - It is imperative that we create beautifully scented candles that enhance mood and wellbeing. We carefully blend pure
essential oils with natural phthalate-free fragrance to create candles with aromatherapy benefits to calm, uplift, energize, and