Welcome to EGG! A division of Fine Lines. Fresh lines hatch here.


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About us

Welcome to EGG: a new division of Fine Lines!

Fine Lines is a multi-line, wholesale rep agency headquartered in Los Angeles. For over 30 years we've been representing premier lines in gift, personal care, home decor, fashion accessories, stationery and publishing.

We connect great lines with great stores.

From museum stores to indie apparel shops to bookstores, lifestyle stores and specialty grocery stores- we are proud to work with an account base of high quality retailers as broad and diverse as our line package.

Building on the foundation of established relationships with the retailers and lines we’ve known for years, the same friendliness, expertise and dependability is wrapped into our newest division: EGG.

EGG. More great lines.

EGG’s online showroom, free of space limitations of a physical showroom, allows us to connect you with even more phenomenal lines that we've handpicked to represent - from niche makers, to emerging stars, to established lines that previously have not had representation in the lifestyle / indie store channel.

And while EGG’s showroom is digital, our approach remains personal and people centered; with the same attention, assistance, advice and flexibility as you've come to expect from Fine Lines. Because ultimately, we don’t build software, we build relationships.


Through the ages, the egg has been a powerful and universal symbol representing creation and manifestation.
EGG celebrates the creative spirit that inspires every new product, each new line imagined and brought to fruition, every new store that opens its doors.
And, true to our name, this is only the beginning for EGG. We have plans to bring a fresh, new approach to wholesale representation that evolves well beyond this website.

Stick around, we can't wait to show you what's hatching next...