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About Wander Puzzle Co.

The Founder

I am a wanderer with a love for all things that make me marvel. I marvel at human connection, the power of intuition, diversity of cultures, the beauty of nature and the list goes on.

I travel to 12-18 counties a year and love to explore. I have an affinity for creating and problem solving and a tendency to always be doing something. This is where puzzles come in. Puzzles bring this all together for me in a quiet, slow focused way. Life moves fast and we hardly take time to recharge. For me, nothing feels more comforting than a house full of my loves, a fire in the fireplace, warm food, chunky blankets and a beautiful puzzle.

Take a deep breath, sit down and allow yourself to recharge with a puzzle, I’m sure you need it.

- Lindsey Simmonds

Wander Gives Back


COVID 19 update: During this time we are sharing puzzle proceeds with African Social Enterprises (more below), Feeding America as well as Women’s Center for Advancement. Household Quarantine sets the stage for too many women to be stuck with their abusers under extreme measures of uncertainty and stress. These factors exacerbate gender based violence. Wander is keen to support these women in any way that we can. We are providing financial support to hotlines and programs operated by the Women’s Center for Advancement. You may know women in these situations. Let’s support them as best we can and hope that their safety will lead to independence.

The youth of Africa are some of the greatest resources on the continent. By 2035 the number of Sub Saharan Africans reaching working age (15-64) will exceed the rest of the world combined! This is why Wander Puzzle Co. is passionate about providing seed funding to socially impactful enterprises in Africa.

Currently, we are donating a portion of all sales to catalyze the Benin Water Cleaning Duck to the next level of prototype testing. The Benin Water Cleaning Duck is a vacuum that sucks up plastic and wood pulp from the waterways. Clean water will improve the living conditions for residents and increase tourism in the canals of Ganvie, Benin, the largest lake village in Africa and often referred to as the Venice of Africa. Wander Puzzle Co. believes in using our resources to invest in the Benin Water Cleaning Duck to enable a cleaner environment, innovation and job creation in Africa.