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About Waveland

In the beginning, there was waves.

Waveland is about watching the sunset, not posting a picture of it. It’s about out-of-office messages, crack-of-dawn hikes, and impromptu taco runs. It’s about beach bonfires, backyard BBQs, and forgetting to bring your cellphone to the concert.

Rooted in quality.

The CBD industry is awash with false proclamations and cheap ingredients, so we created something that we wished existed in the world: a functional beverage made with quality ingredients, beautifully packaged, and designed to help you channel the sunny side of life. We’re open about what our products have, and what they don’t. Rest assured, there’s nothing superficial.

We source CBD from farms that embrace organic practices, and are passionate about using all parts of the hemp plant to gain the broadest possible of good-for-you effects that we can.

The importance of broad-spectrum CBD.

Would you rather have orange juice from concentrate, or fresh squeezed? By using broad-spectrum extract, we retain all of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant in a way that isolate simply cannot chemically replicate. In addition to CBD, other hemp-derived cannabinoids are found in our extract, which encourages the onset of the “entourage effect.” In the end, we think nature does it best, so why change a winning formula?

When processing hemp for extract, our farmers use the entire aerial plant, meaning that all of the benefits of hemp can be recognized in the final product. Our proprietary production methods ensure that the advantages of a broad-spectrum approach to CBD are preserved in each cup of Waveland tea.

We value transparency.

Waveland puts 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp-based CBD extract in every tea bag. It’s the perfect amount for daily use, whether you’re conquering the boardroom on a Monday or singing karaoke on a Saturday.

During each stage of our production process, samples are sent to a certified and licensed testing lab to test for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents. Our supply chain traceability ensures consistency and purity in every cup, every time.

Ride the waves.