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About Mala and Mantra

The Brand

Designed with intention. Consciously created. Fair, sustainable fashion. To nurture the soul. Mala and Mantra transports the mysteries and magic of the monasteries to your present-moment meditation.

Wear these stylish prayer beads and mantras to create your own self-transformation and draw you closer to your true soul.

The Inspiration

M A L A.
Sanskrit for garland. 108 beads together. Used in meditation for counting while chanting, reciting or mentally repeating a mantra.

M A N T R A.
Sanskrit for sound, syllable, word or group of words capable of creating transformation.

The Founder


While on her own personal journey to find her inner self and create her next business endeavor Judith used her meditation practice to assist in uncovering the answer, which was right in front of her all along: her mala beads.

Throughout her world travels, Judith would randomly encounter mala beads, which are a Buddhist rosary of 108 beads used for meditation. Upon discovering the beads' purpose — that each bead represents a mantra, a chant or word that is said either out loud or to yourself to create transformation — she found her inspiration.

She decided that this would be the core concept to launch her next creative venture. Mala and Mantra was created with the goal of providing fashionable jewelry, accessories and apparel with spiritual affirmations that help wearers discover their inner soul.

The Artisans

It was critical for Judith to consciously create her jewelry and accessories line.
She began working with local Southern California jewelry makers and then found a social entrepreneurship in the Philippines to collaborate with for the brand's larger production. The social enterprise in the Philippines provides sustainable income, pays fair wages and provides a safe work environment for a women’s cooperative in Northern Luzon. By purchasing production from this cooperative, Mala and Mantra is supporting these women and their families, as well as assuring them of sustainable income while expanding their livelihood.

This is the most significant part of the entrepreneurial equation for Judith: to create fair fashion inspired by spirit, fit for the soul.

Watch the video below to learn more about Mala and Mantra’s mission to support fair, sustainable fashion, and to see these incredibly gifted artisans at work.