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COMPASSION: Rhodonite Calming Stone 108 Bead Hand-Knotted Mala Bead Necklace

Suggested retail $154

Manifest generosity, connection, and forgiveness with our Rhodonite Calming Stones Mala.

Hand-knotted using all-natural, semi-precious Rhodonite beads with a Rhodonite guru bead.  This 108 bead mala also features a beautiful lustrous handmade tassel.


intention: compassion

MANTRA:  I am centered.  I am compassion.  I am generous.

Rhodonite is a stone of generosity that increases your connection to others, encourages forgiveness and helps you release self-destructive tendencies.  It is a stone which helps nurture love and empathy, allowing you to better serve others.

It is an emotionally healing stone which helps you remain centered during stressful times, while nurturing feelings of love and empathy.  As a balancing stone, it increases your self-confidence and helps you recognize your gifts and talents, allowing you to use them to reach your highest potential.

Beads:  6mm

Length:  31-33"

Tassel:  2.5"