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Desert Desire Crystal Cleansing Kit - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $37 each

Yerba Santa, Palo Santo, a sachet of dried rose buds and a Desert Rose crystal cluster nested in an Abalone shell.
This smudge kit promotes empowerment and beauty.

Each kit includes :

Rose is a flower of beauty. It is calming, purifying, and legend says that it will also attract love into your life. Let love in and let it fill your life. You deserve all the love that the Universe has to offer!

Desert Rose is a form of Selenite that brings us mental clarity and new perspectives. Desert Rose quiets a worried mind and fluttering heart. It also helps to release distractions and disruptions. Desert Rose is also an angelic stone that brings protection and guidance from divine beings.

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a wonderful daily smudge. Its scent is not overwhelming and the smudge settles nicely in any space. Bur Palo Santo to brin gin positive energy, healing, and guidance.

Yerba Santa is considered the Holy Herb. Burn Yerba Santa to enhance psychic energies, protection, emotional release, healing, and empowerment. Sprinkle in a bath to bring out your inner beauty. Burning Yerba Santa during a tarot reading will enhance intuitive energies.

Use the included Abalone Shell to burn your smudge and to keep your herbs and crystals sacred and protected while walking around a space.


Each kit comes with a 'How to Smudge' card, a Smudge Prayer, and a description of Desert Rose.