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Harmony Cleansing Bundle - Case of 3

Suggested Retail 18.95 each

The Harmony Cleansing Bundle is Cedar, Sweetgrass, + Mountain Sage wrapped together. Burn to clear out unwanted energies, to bring abundance, positivity, and for harmonizing any space that feels scattered or stale. When you are finished, place on a plate or in an abalone shell and let it fizzle out.

Each bundle is beautifully packaged + comes with a 'How to Cleanse' card that guides you through the sacred art of energy clearing.

This bundle is so beautiful that it could even be used as an offering on your altar or place at bedside to help you sleep. This cleansing botanical is perfect for anyone who is having trouble harmonizing their home, needs to begin a new path, or just needs some good vibes and abundance. It would also be a wonderful house-warming gift!