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Elixirs - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $16.95 each

Sacred waters to help illuminate and set you free on your life path.

Spritz each Elixir in your home, office, linens, or wear as a natural perfume.

Moldavite is a life path stone that illuminates purpose and helps us along our destiny.

Our Ritual Elixir is Florida Water with a dash of cinnamon and includes Black Tourmaline for deep cleansing and strength.
Elixirs are 8 fl. oz each and safe for linens and on skin.

Choose from the following elixirs:

Prosperity Elixir | Moldavite Water + Cedarwood

Life Path Elixir | Moldavite Water + Frankincense

Affirmation Elixir | Moldavite Water + Rosewater

Ritual Elixir | Florida Water + Cinnamon

*External Use Only*