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Lunar Connection Astrology Kit - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $37 each

Harness the powerful energy of the Moon phases! This kit comes equipped with all the tools and instructions on how to cleanse and charge the included Spirit Amethyst, how to do an energy clearing and to connect to the different energies that the moon phases present.

Connecting with the Moon will strengthen your spirit. It will also help you work with the Moon and the Moon work with you rather than against you. If you understand and are in tune with what is happening with the Moon, then the different energies that are presented will not seem so daunting.

The phases that this kit covers::

○ The Full Moon is a time of creative expression, high vibration energies, crystal charging, healing, cleansing, and clarity
● The New Moon is a time of soul searching, meditation, introspection, and solitude.
◐ The First Quarter Moon is a time of motivation, divination, growing, and reserving strength.


☼ Mountain Sage for a deep energetic cleanse
☼ Palo Santo to burn during the different phases to bring blessings and cleansing energy
☼ Spirit Amethyst for Divine Connection, Protection, + Purification
☼ 1 Blue Intention Candle to celebrate the Full Moon and to bring down guidance
☼ 1 White Intention Candle for protection and purification during the New Moon
☼ 1 Purple Intention Candle to enhance intuition and divine connection during the First Quarter Moon
☼ Starlight Candle Holder for lunar connection
☼ Abalone Shell for ceremony use and to hold botanicals
☼ Mercury Retrograde + Lunar Calendar
☼ Instructions for Cleansing and lighting intention candles during the different Moon Phases

Never used cleansed before? Don't have any crystals? Don't worry, instructions are included and are extremely clear and easy to follow.