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Lunar Connection Astrology Kit - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $37 each

White Sage, Palo Santo, Intention candles, Luna candle holder and Spirit Amethyst to connect to the Moon and Her magic.

The phases that this kit covers:

○ The Full Moon is a time of creative expression, high vibration energies, crystal charging, healing, cleansing, and clarity
● The New Moon is a time of soul searching, meditation, introspection, and solitude.
◐ The First Quarter Moon is a time of motivation, divination, growing, and reserving strength.


☼ White Sage for a deep energetic cleanse
☼ Palo Santo to burn during the different phases to bring blessings and cleansing energy
☼ Spirit Amethyst for Divine Connection, Protection, + Purification
☼ 1 Blue Intention Candle to celebrate the Full Moon and to bring down guidance
☼ 1 White Intention Candle for protection and purification during the New Moon
☼ 1 Purple Intention Candle to enhance intuition and divine connection during the First Quarter Moon
☼ Luna Candle Holder for lunar connection
☼ Abalone Shell for ceremony use and to hold smudge
☼ Mercury Retrograde + Lunar Calendar
☼ Smudge Prayer
☼ Instructions for Smudging and lighting intention candles during the different Moon Phases