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Meditation Tree

Meditation Tree Paint by Number Kit

Suggested Retail $36

Meditation through Paint By Numbers - Modern mindfulness art.

The Meditation Tree is a Paint By Number kit that helps you slow down and focus on the simple task of painting one ring of the tree template a day. This focused activity has a long history in meditation traditionally known as mandala art - the mediation tree is a modern take on a mandala that will look awesome in your home when you finish your practice. Beautiful and simple.

I made this kit as a marriage of a few interests of mine (vintage paint-by-numbers, modern art, meditation, and urban jungle home decor). It's detailed work and takes time and concentration which brings you out of your day to mindfully focus on the task at hand. When you're done you'll have a beautiful piece of natural art to mellow your space out.

This kit comes with 2 jars of hand mixed acrylic paint (Gray and Gold), a 0 pt Nylon brush, and an 18 x 18" hand printed tree ring template.

Designed, assembled and shipped from the Coloready studio in NJ, USA.