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Crystal Charged Moon Water Jar - Case of 3

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Suggested Retail $17.95 each

Brew Crystal Charged Moon Water!
Use the water to water plants, as an offering on your altar, to add to a ritual bath, or as a pool for a sacred candle to amplify its intention.

Sold in 3's per style/crystal and available with a Quartz, Black Tourmaline or Green Apophyllite crystal.

Fill this jar with spring water, rainwater, or distilled water. Set it out in the light or dark of the Moon to capture the magic of that Moon phase, amplify and set your intention, and connect with the collective flow

Stone Intentions:

Quartz - Healing, Amplification, Balance
Green Apophyllite - Forgiveness, Earth Medicine, Heart Healing 
Black Tourmaline - Protection, Purification, Boundaries
Citrine - Clarity, Abundance
Prasiolite- Inner Visions, Growth

Moon Phase meanings:

New Moon: Intention + New Beginnings
First Quarter: Momentum + Action
Full Moon: Celebration + Blessings
Last Quarter: Adjustment + Forgiveness