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Pocket Healers Opening Prepack with Wooden Hand Display - Case of 1

Suggested Retail $4.95 each

This opening order of Pocket Healers includes 3 each of all 16 Pocket Healers, a wooden hand bowl for display, crystal meanings handout cards and a shelf talker.

Pocket Healers may be reordered in 3's per style and in a minimum assortment of 12 total.

Pocket Healers are small vials filled with tumbled stones to carry with you throughout your day! Each Pocket Healer comes with a description of the stone's metaphysical properties.

Below are some brief descriptions of the Pocket Healers that are available:

Amethyst: Emotional Healing
Citrine: Manifestation
Garnet: Security
Jasper: Strength
Bloodstone: Courage
Tourmaline: Wellness
Ruby Zoisite: Guidance
Apatite: Dreaming
Green Aventurine: Good Health
Selenite: Cleansing
Rose Quartz: Love
Carnelian: Creativity
Quartz: Healing
Tiger Eye= Power
Peridot: Abundance
Moonstone: Magic

Every piece is unique and magnificent. Each new vial of magical stones will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.