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FOCUS: Pyrite Mantra Mala Tassel Bracelet

Suggested Retail $50 each

Sharpen your focus and guard yourself against negative energy while wearing our Pyrite Tassel Bracelet. Made with all-natural, semi-precious pyrite beads and a beautifully threaded tassel, this bracelet will shield you from harm and provide greater enlightenment.

Beads: 6mm
Circumference: 7”


Pyrite : promotes focus

Pyrite is a stone of action, vitality and willpower that gives you the confidence to accomplish anything you set out to do. Often called “fool’s gold” because of its resemblance to the precious metal, pyrite relieves anxiety, lifts your spirits and helps you embrace a more positive mindset.

It helps you tap into your potential and ambition, encourages enlightenment, and allows you to take action to achieve your goals and dreams. As a protective stone, it gives you the courage to protect others and stand up for the causes you believe in.