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INTUITION: Sodalite Mini Tassel Mala Bracelet

Suggested Retail $50 each

Enhance intuition and increase creativity while wearing our Sodalite Mini Tassel Bracelet. Featuring all-natural, semi-precious sodalite beads and a dangling mini tassel, this piece will leave you feeling inspired, balanced and full of bright ideas.

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 7”


Sodalite : promotes intuition

Sodalite is a calming stone that enhances creative thinking, promotes peace and tranquility, and leaves you feeling more inspired and balanced. As a mineral containing large amounts of salt, sodalite gets its name from the Greek words sodaand lithos, which means “salt stone.”

It enhances logic, truth and inner peace, while boosting positivity and filtering out negative energy. As an intuitive stone, it allows you to tap into your inner wisdom, trust your instincts and uncover your deepest dreams to help make them a reality.

Sodalite aligns with the Third Eye Chakra and represents intuition, bringing you a greater sense of purity, soulfulness and wisdom.