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Orgonite Gemstone Pyramid - Lapis Lazuli

 Suggested Retail $28

• 2.5” x 2.5”

• Layers: Lapis Lazuli | 100% Copper Flakes | UV Glow Blue | Clear Navy

• Charge your stone in the sun for an hour and it will glow in the dark for hours!

• Lapis is the ancient crystal of kings and queens! There are many magical traditions and ritual lores associated with this stone. Its hypnotic blue with specks of pyrite make it not only a crystal sought after for its powerful energy, but for its beauty as well. Lapis Lazuli’s benefits consist of a powerful intense blue stone used to open minds and give enlightenment. It is used to encourage self-awareness, self-confidence, self-knowledge, peace and harmony, compassion, morality, making the wearer in a good mood throughout the day.

• Orgone pyramids are known for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy and balance the spiritual, emotional, and physical body. As negative energy moves through the device, it’s exposed to electromagnetic friction, an environment created by the mixture of metal shavings and crystals in resin. This force reorganizes the energy into a more harmonious wavelength as it exits the pyramid.