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Walnut Botanical Charcuterie Board


Suggested Retail $155.00

Orchid & Pine Studio and Santa Cruz Engraving have collaborated to bring this vision to life- to combine sturdy hardwoods, old world artisanship and the beauty of nature into our lives and homes.

Hand crafted, unique and one of a kind, each walnut board is hand layered with 
natural, pressed flowers and gold leaf, sanded and finished with care. Flowers are seasonal and varieties vary with availability. Their evolving collaboration collection incorporates a touch of gold, a special nod to the spirit of the mountains and the California coast where they both reside.

Offered in 2 floral options: green resin base with white flowers or orange flowers.

Dimensions: 8" x 15"

Care Instructions:  

Durable and resilient, real hardwood is a living object, please treat with care. 

  • Wash with mild soap with lukewarm water and soft sponge. 
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures. 
  • To prolong longevity of the board, rub with food grade safe board oil.