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Wedding Conversation Cards: 12 Sets with Free Display

Suggested Retail $26 each

These beautifully designed Wedding Conversation Cards will be a memorable addition to any wedding reception or shower, transforming each table into a hub of joyful interaction and connection. They are a great way to help guests break the ice and will create a fun and lively atmosphere of connection.

These are a great way for couples to add a fun and interactive element to the special day and ensure that their wedding is as engaging and unforgettable as their love story.

Why you’ll love Conversation Cards for Weddings:

  • Get guests talking. Each question included in this set is a conversation catalyst, featuring questions and prompts that are fun and thoughtful, designed to get wedding guests talking, connecting and having a great time.
  • Help wedding guests connect. Place a Conversation Card at each setting or a full box at each table to spark fun and engaging conversations, and ensure that  guests feel included and connected. No matter if they have known each other forever, or are new acquaintances, the questions included will help assure they feel like a special part of the love story.
  • Beautiful addition to wedding table decor. This Conversation Card set has a simple but beautiful and sophisticated design that will compliment any wedding theme. Each box is white and is pressed with gold foil details.

Product Details:

  • Perfectly sized. With its compact size (box: 3.25” L x 3.25” W x 1.75” H, cards: 3” x 3”), this Conversation Card set will be a perfect addition to a wedding table scape and will complement any decor.