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Sacred Medicine Cleansing Kit - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $28 each

A cleansing kit that includes 4 important Earth Medicines: Cedar, Mountain Sage, Palo Santo, + Sweetgrass. Use these cleansing botanicals for energy clearing, attracting positive energy, creating a space for abundance, and so much more!

Cedaris a wonderful botanical for Earth connection + balance. It is also helpful in clearing blockages in relationships and within the home.

Mountain Sage provides an intensive cleanse and purification of a space or body.

Sweetgrassattracts abundance, positive energy and protection.

Palo Santo is useful as an everyday cleanse as well as a cleansing tool for your tarot decks + crystals

Begin by igniting the end of your cleansing botanical and walk through the space while sending positive energy to the universe. Meanwhile, send the negative energy away. When you are through, set your sage in a ceramic or glass dish or bowl. It will fizzle out on its own.