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Bird Study: Swallow Modern A5 Paint by Number Kit

Suggested Retail $28

*To economize on shipping costs- Please order A5 kits in a total qty of 8 pcs. You may assort designs but total qty of this size should be 8 or a multiple of 8.

This Swallow is part of a series of mid-century styled bird studies, reminiscent of works by Charlie Harper. The original reference art for this series was actually drawn from vintage European matchbook covers. Makes for a simple, fun accent for your home decor.

Kit Includes:

• A5 (5.8" x 8.3") handmade paper template
• 3 Custom mixed colors
• 2 Premium nylon brushes

About the A5 Series
This series is a study in minimalism using a limited color palette, bold forms, contrast & negative space to create graphic, striking art.

Designed, assembled and shipped from the Coloready studio in NJ, USA.