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Black Salt - Case of 12

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Black Salt has been used for centuries to create boundaries, for protection, and to let go of anything holding our emotional + spiritual well-being captive. Not only is Black Salt mesmerizing, it is an extremely cleansing element. Our Black Salt is Sea Salt + Activated Charcoal. 


Fill a small offering bowl with warm water. Take a pinch of Black Salt + add it to the water in the offering bowl. Set it on your altar as an intention + wish for protection, guidance, and healthy boundaries.

Take a Bay Leaf. With a pen, write a wish or intention on the face of the leaf. Ignite the Bay Leaf and let it burn in your cauldron. Add a pinch of Black Salt to the burn to ensure that your intention reaches the ancestors + guides safely. Also, to let go of any energy that may negatively affect your intention.

Sprinkle Black Salt across all of the doorways in your home. This provides protection and keeps a space clean, especially after smudging.

Take a pinch of Black Salt + add to your medicine pouch or crystal bag. This will keep your crystals energetically clean + brings clarity to your day. You can also simply lay your crystals in a bed of Black Salt to cleanse them (see the last photo).

Each bag of Black Salt weighs approximately 4 ounces. Do not digest, for external use only!!