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Khloris Candle - Case of 6


Suggested retail $45

Khloris, the Greek goddess of flowers, stumbled upon a lifeless nymph in the woods. She summoned help to give her new life. Aphrodite gave her beauty. Dionysus gave her fragrance. Apollo's sunlight made her bloom. The gods called her the queen of flowers, but we know her by rose. 

For the goddess who surrounds herself with royalty, there’s Khloris. Taken from myth and made into modern legend, this fragrance is more than a rose scent. It is a sensory transformation that begs to be worshipped. Give your space new life with a striking blend of pink pepper, tangerine, rose, jasmine, clove, and amber.

*Free tester on opening orderYou will receive 1 free candle in your case of 6 on your opening order for this fragrance. (you'll receive 6 but only be charged for 5 candles)
Additional testers may be purchased for $10 each.

Top Notes
Pink Pepper, Tangerine

Mid Notes
Rose, Jasmine, Clove 

Base Notes

240G |  8.5OZ
*Approximate burn time- 55 hours.

Each FVITH candle is hand-poured in Los Angeles and is composed of a unique soy wax and custom fragrance blend.