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Taurus Zodiac Candle - Case of 3

Suggested Retail $29 each

April 21 - May 21

Featuring the bull of Taurus - don't be deceived, Taurus is the Mother of the Zodiac, nurturing and steady. Candle is dressed with crystals and herbs to compliment the Earth Element of Taurus. Dressed with Black Tourmaline, Pine, Mountain Sage, and Juniper Berry Essential Oil.

Light any time of the year to harness and embrace the energy of Taurus:
♉︎ Remain Steady
♉︎ Connect with Nature
♉︎ Time for patience
♉︎ Nurture and be nurtured

Grab a candle for your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign! Zodiac Candles make a wonderful gift too for the lovely Aries in your life.

Candles details:
Soy wax blend
Hand-poured in the US
Appx. 5.5" high x 2.75" dia.